Castle Camps Village
Castle Camps Village


Hedgehogs in Castle Camps
Please be aware that we are lucky to have hedgehogs in the area and that Chris and Terry's garden has recently been approved as an official SWCC hedgehog hospital release site.
Hedgehogs like to roam during the evenings and nights in order to find plenty to eat and there are several ways we can help them, as follows:
Leave out plenty of fresh water in shallow dishes, especially in the hot weather;
Leave gaps in fences to act as hedgehog highways;
You have a ‘hedgehog feeding station’ with kitten biscuits (not fish flavoured) in your garden (please no mealworms);
Pesticides are not used and pest control is organic. Slugs are controlled with ‘beer traps’ not slug pellets;
People are aware of how dangerous strimmers can be to hedgehogs, and many other forms of wildlife;
Wild areas are left in gardens and communal areas so that hedgehogs can find a natural home;
Check under bonfires before lighting that there are no sleeping hedgehogs.

There is a ‘hospital’ for hedgehogs in Shepreth:  SWCC Hedgehog Hospital details
07505 651968

If you are unable to get hold of them, and find an injured, sick or orphaned hedgehog you can also call the British Hedgehog Preservation Society Line on: 01584 890 801

Many thanks from Chris & Terry, Ashcroft, Castle Camps