Castle Camps Village
Castle Camps Village

Neighbourhood Watch

November 2016

The crimes in local vicinity:
The crimes we are experiencing are mainly from sheds and outbuildings but also more attempts at house burglary, try and keep valuables out of sight and make buildings as secure as possible. Also we are experiencing some distraction burglary, particularly targeting the elderly. Please impress the need for caution to all our elderly when strangers come to the door.

Heating Oil thefts:
We are now in the 'peak season' for heating oil theft. Seven out of ten heating oil thefts occur at residential properties, rural areas are more commonly targeted, and most offences  take place during the hours of darkness.  Thieves are quite bold, driving onto private driveways or gardens to access the tank.

Extra vigilance is important especially during the Autumn/ Winter period and just after an oil delivery. Check your tank at regular intervals to ensure early reporting, this will also maximise forensic and investigative opportunities if there has been a theft.

There has been an increase of fast performance cars speeding through the villages, this has been reported but no convictions have been secured. Remember we are a rural area, there are children walking on narrow foot paths, horses being ridden and walkers. Please have some thought and reduce your speed to 30 miles an hour through the village as a maximum.

Lindi Kent